консультація нутриціолога клініки Функціональної Медицини та НутриціологіїNutrition is an alternative health system that aims to naturally help optimize the function of various body systems to avoid disease and improve overall health.

Each person is unique and a naturopathic approach and nutritional program may work differently, even if the same symptoms or diagnoses are observed in different people. Please familiarize yourself with the terms of cooperation with the clinic’s nutritionists.

Terms of cooperation with a specialist of the Clinic of Functional Medicine and Nutrition

The following information must be read and signed before starting cooperation with a therapist at the Clinic of Functional Medicine and Nutrition.

Terms of cooperation: signing options:

1)Online by filling out the form below.

2)Download and print this collaboration document, sign and send a copy to info@tunbrdgewellsnutritionist.co.uk or info@tunbridgewellsnutritionist.co.uk

Download the cooperation terms document


By signing these terms of cooperation, you confirm that you agree with the following:

Terms of cooperation: commitment from the specialist of the Clinic of Functional Medicine and Nutrition

During the consultation, a naturopathic and functional approach is applied to each client. This approach helps the body’s natural regeneration process by eliminating the root causes of symptoms and diseases, which triggers the body’s natural regeneration process.

At the consultation, completely different areas of your life that affect your well-being and health are considered. These include nutrition, exercise and emotional health. Some non-invasive tests may be performed during the consultation, but only with your consent.

Get acquainted with the conditions and methods of our work:

  1. We employ specialist nutritionists and not ordinary doctors of traditional medicine, although some specialists may have medical qualifications, this will be indicated in their profile.
  2. A treatment plan or tailored wellness program may work differently for each individual client.
  3. Each program is adapted to specific health problems of the client.
  4. Clinic specialists do not claim to treat or diagnose diseases, and the therapeutic plan cannot replace professional medical advice or treatment.
  5. Our approach and all advice is based exclusively on the evidence base and we use functional medicine as a model of therapy.
  6. The specialist may advise you to see another doctor or therapist if they think this would be beneficial in your situation.
  7. The therapeutic plan developed by us is not the absolute key to your health, but failure to follow our recommendations will not give the expected result.
  8. A specialist nutritionist acts as a guide, motivator and professional specialist. The client himself bears full responsibility for his own health and all decisions made. The nutritionist has the right to stop the consultation or health program if he believes that he cannot meet your needs.
  9. In accordance with the new GDPR regulations in 2022, your personal data will be securely stored at our clinic for 8 years, after which it will be destroyed. You have the right to request a copy of your data and to request the destruction of your profile at any time within 8 years from the date of the last consultation.
  10. Your personal data will never be transferred to a third party, unless it is agreed with you.
  11. We practice in accordance with the British Association for Nutritional Therapy (BANT) code of ethics and practice.
  12. We may recommend nutritional supplements and/or test as part of your program and receive a commission for those products or services.
  13. If we give a discount on any products or testing, it can be a partial or full amount given to us by a partner, then we will, if necessary, share your personal data with them (e-mail address, name, residential address)
  14. If we order testing or order supplements for you from a third party on your behalf, we will share your contact information (address, email address, full name and telephone number) with them.
  15. If the Clinic of Functional Medicine and Nutrition business is sold, your personal information will be transferred to the new business owner.
  16. We recognize that the therapeutic plan and supplements may lead to potential complications. These can be: increased symptoms of diseases, allergic reactions, individual intolerances, in which case we will analyze and adjust the therapy at your request within 30 days from the date of the last consultation.

Terms of cooperation: the client undertakes

  1. Make the payment in advance, and fill out the health questionnaire as completely as possible.
  2. If you need to cancel an appointment, please notify us 48 hours in advance, otherwise an administrative fee of half the cost of the consultation will be charged.
  3. Be responsible for following up with your GP about any health concerns discussed during the consultation.
  4. Tell your GP or any other healthcare professional you see about any therapy offered by our specialist.
  5. Tell your nutritionist about any medical diagnosis, medication, herbal therapy, or dietary supplement. Because it is important to take into account for the protocol and to achieve the desired result from the therapy.
  6. Follow the protocol as much as possible, and especially use biological supplements only during the time specified by the therapist, which will be prescribed in your personal program.