10 000 Step Daily Challenge. Practical and easy recommendations for every day

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Our body is designed to have daily physical activities, but often, our modern lifestyle imposes the opposite. The lack of movement leads to many pathologies that often affect our life, resulting sometimes in a lack of confidence and mental health issues.

I encourage my clients to observe their daily steps and aim for a minimum of 10 000 steps daily.

Track your Steps by the following means:

  1. If you have iPhone (model S and up), you can use an already installed app = Health Data – Activity – Walking + Running Distance.
  2. Download any other similar application if you have an Android phone. Many are free of charge; find the one you like.
  3. Buy Pedometer – a cheap but functional device to help you observe your fitness data.

Keep this in mind!

10 000 steps is a minimum one should do daily

Tips to get your 10 000 step challenge done:

  • If possible, use transport less and walk more.
  • Move all the time, even when you use the escalator.
  • If traveling by public transport, leave one or two stops earlier and walk to the destination.
  • Plan to walk more; for example, if you live near your job, you should choose a longer path.
  • Catch up with a friend by meeting for a walk rather than talking on the phone or over coffee.
  • If you are working in the office, walk more at your job, and find all reasons to stand up and move a little bit.
  • Use the stairs instead of taking the lift. Walk up to them as quickly as you can. Try taking them two at a time to increase your legs’ strength.
  • Park the car at the opposite end of the car park and walk to the cash machine and post office.
  • Walk to a restaurant (or a reasonable distance from it) to force yourself to take a walk after dinner.

Even increasing the activity at home – making the bed, cleaning more, walking the dog for long distances will help to do your 10 000 step challenge.


Think of extra incidental activity as an opportunity to complete your steps, not an inconvenience!

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