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Nutritionist Tunbridge Wells

Are you looking for a qualified nutritionist with years of clinical practice who can help you optimise your health? We invite you to explore our nutritional practice, where we have over a decade of experience and over 1000 satisfied clients worldwide.

We’re a dedicated team of qualified nutritionists who care for their clients, providing them with personalised support and evidence-based protocols. All practitioners use the Naturopathic and Functional Medicine approach; we address root causes, not just symptoms.

We offer our services in Tunbridge Well, Kent, and worldwide. Join us on your health journey and achieve your desired results quickly with the support and knowledge of our nutritional therapists.

Nutritionist Tunbridge Wells

Services and products we offer to our clients:


Consultations of nutritionists, naturopaths, functional medicine practitioners, and other specialists in alternative medicine.

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Online health shop that offers only the highest quality natural supplements and other products from trusted suppliers.

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Wellness programs designed by qualified nutritionists: optimization of the gastrointestinal tract, 5 steps to health, bowel cleansing.

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Proven Health Protocols in E-book format to power you with knowledge on improving your physical and mental health.

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Tests from reliable laboratories in the UK and Worldwide. DNA, GUT tests, hair minerals, and heavy metals, omega 3 & 6, and more.

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Qualified Nutritionist can create a personal menu that will consider individual health state & taste preferences.

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Nutritionist Tunbridge Wells | Kent | Nutritional Coach

Nutritionist Tunbridge Wells Kent

A nutritionist is an alternative medicine specialist who helps to improve a client’s health by analysing and optimising food, biochemistry, and lifestyle. A nutritionist knows how nutrients interact with metabolic processes in the body and how their absence or excess affects health.

Our nutritional practice offers one-on-one consultations, health coaching, clinical nutritional therapy, meal planning, lifestyle modifications, testing for deficiencies and assistance with achieving health and wellness goals.

We also empower our clients with education on nutrition-related topics, address specific health concerns or conditions, and support overall well-being through evidence-based recommendations and strategies.

We provide our services locally in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, as well as globally. Embark on your health journey with us and swiftly achieve your desired results with the expertise and support of our team of experienced nutritional therapists.

Latest articles written by our nutritionists

The Clinic of Functional Medicine and Nutrition blog section is regularly updated with interesting and valuable content based on many years of experience and scientific research. All articles are written by qualified nutritionists!

Most frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The consultation cost with a nutritionist will vary depending on which specialist and option you will choose for yourself. You can get acquainted with the prices on the services page.

Before the consultation, you fill out a health questionnaire that will be sent to you prior by e-mail. During the consultation, the practitioner will build up a therapeutic plan covering nutrition, supplements, test, and other alternative medicine methods. Most consultations are conducted online with a webcam or simply as a call. The duration of the consultation is from 45 minutes. You can find out more about different options and what’s included by clicking here.

You can book a nutritional consultation directly on the specialist’s page or by filling out the contact form here.

In the Clinic of Functional Medicine and Nutrition, different alternative medicine health therapists work, including:

  • Nutritionists
  • Psychologists
  • FM practitioners
  • Nutritional coaches
  • Other alternative medicine practitioners

Every specialist also specialises in different areas: the thyroid gland, gastrointestinal tract, oncology, hormonal problems, metabolic disorders, preparation, pregnancy, and the postpartum period.

Also, we have astrologists that offer consultations at the clinic and online. You can choose your specialist on this page.

All Functional Medicine and standard tests can be done in the clinic. You can also get a mini-nutritional consultation to determine which tests you need to do. The clinic cooperates with laboratories in England and the USA; you can order a hair mineral test, omega 3 and omega 6 test, Gut microbiome, DNA test, food intolerance, and more.

Function Medicine is a holistic health approach based on scientific evidence and advanced biochemistry to restore the health and well-being of an individual. It is a solid base that evaluates triggers, antecedents, and mediators leading to poor health. These health-damaging factors can be genetic or acquired, predisposing an individual to disease. In FM, we are engaged in searching for the root causes of diseases and not in treating only symptoms. By identifying the causes of body malfunctions early, you can easily eliminate the root causes and prevent disease development. To find out more about Functional Medicine, click here.

All specialists in personal programs prescribe supplements; this is one of the alternative methods – supplementology – which we use to achieve results faster. We use different brands based on the desired dosage, active form, availability, and budget.

Although most consultations are online only, you can still get a consultation in Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells (UK),  Lviv (UA), and Vienna (AU), but only if this is possible and by prior arrangement with your nutritionist. Almost all consultations are only online, which does not affect their quality. To find your practitioner click here.

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    A free mini consultation with a nutritionist will help you to understand which specialist is better to choose and which tests needs to be done before the consultation.