Guide on how to choose the best omega 3 supplement?

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It is well known that fish oil is beneficial to our health, and it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of it in the body during childhood and adulthood. To learn more about proven omega 3 benefits, read my article Omega 3 Fatty acids – all you need to know. As you probably know, the omega 3 we get from food because it is an essential fatty acid that our body cannot form. High concentrations of omega 3 we can find in oily fish. Eating it at least three times a week is recommended to get enough fatty acids. However, adhering to such an organized diet is not always possible, so the best option is to take nutritional supplements to guarantee the optimal amount.

Be aware that not all of them are equal in quality and the amount of active ingredients. I suggest you follow the tips from my guide on choosing the best omega 3 supplement below to get the right fish oil supplement from the wide variety available.

Common mistakes and recommendations on how to choose quality omega 3 supplement.

Insight into the most common mistakes that people make when choosing omega 3 supplement and practical recommendations that you can use when buying omega supplement:Omega 3 supplements

  1. Packaging: Do not buy omega in plastic and clear packaging. All fish oil should be in a dark glass or nontransparent container. When exposed to light, all fats undergo oxidation. This process ruins their structure, making them unhealthy and sometimes even carcinogenic.
  2. What is the correct dosage, and how to store? Do not buy fish oil in large quantities (e.g., 350 capsules), because it oxidizes very quickly and loses its properties. Upon contact with air and sunlight, it becomes a free radical and does more harm than good. Keep opened omega 3 supplement always in the fridge. Also, do not use if it is expired!
  3. Look carefully at the quality of raw materials. There are a lot of low-quality products packaged in attractive packaging and with clever marketing tricks to pick your attention.

Use the following criteria when choosing your omega 3 supplement:

  • It is necessary to know what raw materials the manufacturer uses. The best options: are small wild fish (sardines, anchovies, mackerel), crabs, shrimps, and algae. What to do if the packaging does not indicate raw materials or says fish oil? In this case, it is better not to take such fish oil. The raw material will most likely be of low quality and may contain a high concentration of heavy metals.
  • The concentration of EPA + DHA in the daily dose should be at least 750 mg. If you are deficient in omegas or have a health condition, then the dosage should be chosen by your health practitioner, which can be much more significant. The optimal ratio of EPA: DHA = 2:1.
  • Certifications from independent organizations such as IFOS, FDA, and GMP guarantee the quality of the supplement. These certifications ensure the product is free of highly toxic substances and heavy metals.

Choose the correct dosage to fulfill the deficit and save money.

To ensure you are properly supporting your body, it is essential to take fish oil in the correct dosage. You can take the Omega 3 and 6 test from the comfort of your home to determine the amount of fatty acids in your red blood cells. The test is painless and takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Thanks to innovative technology, it can be performed anywhere in the world.

Here are three primary reasons why it is important to do the Omega 3 test:
  1. Control and regulate your levels with the right amount of omega 3 supplements.
  2. Personalized approach for better health results.
  3. Track and monitor how changes in your lifestyle and habits affect your levels.

If you are unsure about the blood test, you can perform my quick, easy, and free Omega 3 Quiz to determine your approximate daily omega 3 intakes.

I hope you found my article helpful; please leave your feedback in the comments and share it on your social media or with your friends for mutual exchange and benefits! Wishing you good health!