Best Hair Mineral Analysis in the UK! 37 elements are analyzed among which are iodine and boron at no extra cost.

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Hair is a keratinized tissue that consists of water (more precisely, lymphatic fluid), protein, minerals, and heavy metals. If you would like to analyze your mineral and heavy metal status, then the best Hair Mineral Analysis in the UK will be the HTMA test that you can buy in our clinic. This test is a non-invasive analysis that shows the concentration and the ratios of minerals and toxic elements in the body.

Hair Mineral Analysis Test

Best Hair Mineral Analysis in the UK tests for minerals and heavy metals

Heavy Metals, what are they, and how do they accumulate in the body?

We live in a toxic world of organic and artificial chemicals that enter our bodies daily. These toxins penetrate through the air, water, food, medicine, and household chemicals. Everything we encounter leaves a mark on our body, toxins accumulate, and the concentration of minerals decreases over the years.

The most common toxic elements in the human body are mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, and arsenic. A high concentration of heavy metals is associated with many body disorders. Heavy metals mainly affect the nervous system, brain function, and DNA. Also, many of them have a carcinogenic effect.

Hair is the best tissue for determining the body’s toxicity because urine and blood are in constant motion, so they cannot provide an accurate picture.

Interesting fact, did you know?

The toxins deposit is in the lymphatic system, not in the blood or liver, as many believe!

The test for heavy metals and minerals in the hair includes 16 elements that are potentially toxic to the body.

Minerals status and what influences their concentration

Our food has less nutritional value than 100 years ago, and its mineral concentration is lower. An unbalanced lifestyle leads to premature aging and chronic diseases at an early age, such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hormonal disorders, and oncology.

The concentration and the correct ratio of minerals are significant for many metabolic processes, especially for energy production, fluid distribution in tissues, bone, and connective tissue reparation. Most people are deficient in one or more minerals. In clinical practice, we observe that low potassium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, bor, and selenium are the most common.

This test for heavy metals and minerals includes:

  • iron
  • zinc
  • sulfur
  • boron
  • cobalt
  • iodine
  • copper
  • lithium
  • chrome
  • calcium
  • sodium
  • selenium
  • rubidium
  • vanadium
  • zirconium
  • potassium
  • strontium
  • manganese
  • magnesium
  • germanium
  • phosphorus

The heavy metal and mineral hair test analyzes 22 elements.

This is the best Hair Mineral Analysis in the UK; we have been using this lab for more than 10 years and are very confident in the accuracy of the results and that the lab offers the most complete panel of the mineral elements.

This analysis is a non-invasive, reasonably inexpensive way of checking the concentration of minerals, their ratio, and heavy metal toxicity.

One of the many advantages of this test is that it shows the actual concentration of heavy metals and minerals. This helps to choose the right micro and macro elements and if you need to detoxify the body from accumulated heavy metals.

This test is a valuable tool for the health practitioner. Such a test complements the clinical picture of the patient’s health. With the help of this analysis, the specialist prescribes a more personalized program to the client, ensuring better and quicker results.

However, it should be considered that the hair itself is very vulnerable to external factors. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude or minimize such factors in advance as:

  • Root coloring
  • Chemical treatments and masks

Please note: This test is not intended to make a diagnosis. A test for heavy metals and minerals is an additional tool for a better picture of your health.

Buy the HTMA test in the Clinic of Functional Medicine and Nutrition and get a FREE consultation with a nutritionist to analyze the results and receive personal recommendations.