At our Health Shop you will find only high-quality natural supplements from the best brands on the UK market. We have chose with particular attantion each supplement on the website because we use them ourself, in our my family’s, and/or with clients.


Supplements are one of the most effective alternative approaches to consider while building a therapeutic plan. Nowadays, unlike in the past, the soil is depleted of nutrients, and we are experiencing ongoing high-stress levels. This shoots down our digestive system resulting in maldigestion, poor nutrient breakdown, and assimilation.

When to take supplements?

Most supplements should be taken after a deficiency is detected via blood, hair mineral, or urine test. They should be chosen by a health practitioner and have a termination date; usually, it’s up to three months. The health practitioner advises on dosage, frequency, and the form of active substances.

Most supplements should be taken with food, because they are like food for our body and are much better absorbed when taken with a meal.

In the Clinic of Functional Medicine and Nutrition, you can book a consultation with a qualified nutritionist. The practitioner will analyze your current supplements and will help to understand if you need them. Also, the practitioner can recommend which tests would be good to perform for your situation and complaints, if you need any others and the length of the protocol.

Choose your health practitioner via this page. All practitioners in the Clinic of Functional Medicine and Nutrition received training on how to use supplements to correct and prevent deficiencies. Also, they can advise on its usage alongside drug treatments for chronic conditions and diseases.