Omega 3 Bare Biology | Life and Soul | Liquid Omega 3 High Potency

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    Сountry of manufacture: UK
    Brand: Bare Biology
    Package quantity: 150 ml

    Omega 3 Bare Biology Life and Soul is the best choice for you if you’re concerned about how to boost your overall well-being and driven to focus on your healthy lifestyle. The body incredibly responds to omega-3. It is effortlessly digested, ensuring that it is premium fish oil and essential fatty acids. They are effectively absorbed for maximum health and well-being benefits.

    What key benefits does Omega 3 Bare Biology offer?

    • reduces inflammation
    • boosts immune system
    • supports cardiovascular health
    • enhances cognitive function, including memory and focus


    Omega 3 Bare Biology Life and Soul is an excellent choice for those looking to significantly enhance their omega-3 intake for better health and vitality, particularly beneficial for individuals following diets that exclude fish.

    Why is this supplement the best choice?

    Omega 3 Bare Biology stands out due to its high concentration of EPA and DHA, absence of heavy metals, and its enjoyable lemon flavour. It is an ideal option for individuals seeking to improve their heart health and cognitive abilities through a natural, highly effective supplement. For heart health, cognitive function, and general well-being, Omega-3 Bare Biology Life and Soul offers the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. This strong liquid fish oil is pure and responsibly derived, containing 1,000 mg of DHA and 2,000 mg of EPA per teaspoon. Flexible dosing options make it suitable for the entire family.

    Recommended Dosage for Adults:

    It is recommended to take one teaspoon (5ml) daily with a meal. This dosage provides an optimal amount of omega-3 fatty acids to support overall health without the side effects commonly associated with lower-quality fish oils. Ingredients of Omega 3 Bare Biology Life and Soul are natural Sicilian lemon oil, antioxidant (mixed tocopherols), and pure fish oil (from certified, sustainably sourced sardines, anchovies, and mackerel).

    Ingredients Per 5ml:

    •  Total omega-3: 3,500mg
    • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid): 2,000mg
    • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid): 1,000mg
    • Other omega-3s (including DPA): 500mg
    • 45 calories per dose.

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