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    Сountry of manufacture: USA
    Brand: Carlson
    Package quantity: 200 ml

    Carlson Omega 3 essential fatty acids are vital for our health. Insufficient levels can cause significant imbalances and poor health. Primarily, Carlson Omega 3 acts as a fundamental component for our cells, aiding in the formation of healthy cell membranes. It also offers a range of additional benefits listed below.

    Liquid Omega 3 benefits:

    • enhances vision
    • normalizes cholesterol levels
    • supports cardiovascular health
    • improves skin nourishment and elasticity
    • potentially boosts mood and has antidepressant effects
    • enhances joint health, increasing flexibility and elasticity
    • benefits gut health by positively affecting the gut microbiome
    • boosts cognitive functions, particularly clarity, memory, and focus
    • crucial for the development of the nervous system and brain in childhood
    • offers strong anti-inflammatory effects, especially for cardiovascular health and blood vessels.


    Rich in EPA and DHA, our Liquid Omega 3 is sourced from high-quality small marine fish, ensuring purity and top quality. EPA is renowned for supporting cardiovascular health and anti-inflammatory benefits. While DHA is extensively studied for its role in cognitive health and maintaining a sharp, focused mind. Introducing our innovative Liquid Omega-3 Supplement, a sophisticated solution crafted to seamlessly enhance your wellness journey with the remarkable benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.

    Why Carlson Omega 3 is the best choice:

    Norwegian Omega 3 from Carlson provides the optimal replenishment of omega-3 fatty acids, with a perfect balance of EPA and DHA for overall health. Certified by the independent organization IFOS for purity and safety, its liquid formulation ensures maximum absorption, and the glass container protects against oxidation, preserving effectiveness and quality throughout its lifespan. The highly concentrated Liquid Omega 3 from Carlson’s Lab exceeds the performance of traditional low-concentration capsules, delivering substantial omega quantities in just a teaspoon, making it easier to administer high doses to correct deficiencies and optimize levels efficiently and conveniently.

    Recommended usage of Carlson Omega 3:

    Experts suggest taking 1 teaspoon of Norwegian Omega 3 from Carlson twice daily or as advised by your nutritionist. This routine effectively corrects omega-3 deficiencies and optimizes bodily levels, offering a convenient and potent source of essential fatty acids to maintain your health.

    Ingredients: omega-3 fatty acids sourced from wild-caught Norwegian fish, including high levels of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid).

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    Omega 3 by Carlson is available online throughout Ukraine or directly at the Clinic of Functional Medicine and Nutrition in Lviv, Kostiushka Street 18. If you wish to understand your approximate omega recovery rate during the day, try the Quiz Omega-3. This quick and cost-free quiz measures your levels and offers personalized recommendations based on your rate. To select the correct dose in Ukraine, you can perform an omega 3/6 blood drop test. This test is sent to a laboratory in England, and you will receive your exact results within 10 working days.


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